Explained: Raised Access Flooring Systems - Low Profile vs Traditional Post & Panel, Cable Management vs Heating and Air - Costs and Comparisons (Updated 2021)

2023-03-29 13:00:17 By : Mr. Jack Chen
Raised Floor: Access Flooring Systems Explained (Updated 2021)

Raised floors, also called access flooring systems, are essential for modern office buildings, data centers, laboratories, and cleanrooms. They provide a stable and adaptable surface for wiring, equipment, and personnel, while keeping the environment clean, safe, and efficient.
Raised Floor: <a href='/access-flooring/'>Access Flooring</a> Systems Explained (Updated 2021)

There are two main types of raised floors: low profile and traditional post & panel. Low profile floors are more lightweight, simple, and easy to install, making them suitable for smaller and less demanding spaces. They typically consist of tiles or panels that are raised a few inches above the subfloor, supported by pedestals or stringers. They can be made of various materials, such as steel, aluminum, or plastic, and can offer different levels of load-carrying capacity, fire rating, and acoustic insulation.

Traditional post & panel floors are more robust, versatile, and customizable, making them suitable for larger and more complex spaces. They comprise vertical pedestals or posts that are fixed to the subfloor, and horizontal panels or planks that are supported by the posts. They can be made of various finishes, such as wood, laminate, carpet, or vinyl, and can offer different patterns, colors, and textures. They can also be equipped with various accessories, such as ramps, stairs, handrails, and lighting.

One of the main advantages of raised floors is their ability to manage cables and wires, which are essential for modern communication, computing, and automation. Raised floors can provide dedicated channels and trays for different types of cables, such as power, data, and telecommunication, which can be organized and protected from damage, interference, and hazards. They can also facilitate changes, upgrades, and repairs of the cables, without disrupting the whole system or compromising the safety and performance of the building.

Another advantage of raised floors is their ability to control heating and air conditioning, which are essential for maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. Raised floors can accommodate air diffusers and grilles that distribute the air evenly and quietly, without creating drafts or noise. They can also integrate sensors and controls that regulate the temperature and humidity, depending on the occupancy and usage of the space. This can help reduce energy consumption, increase productivity, and enhance well-being.

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The cost of raised floors depends on various factors, such as the size, type, material, finish, and accessories of the system, as well as the complexity, location, and condition of the building. Generally, low profile floors are cheaper than traditional post & panel floors, and plastic is cheaper than steel or aluminum. The installation cost can also vary, depending on the level of skill, labor, and equipment required. However, the cost of raised floors can be justified by the benefits they provide, such as improved aesthetics, efficiency, safety, and flexibility.

In conclusion, raised floors are a crucial component of modern buildings, providing a solid and flexible platform for communication, computing, and automation, as well as supporting the health, comfort, and productivity of the occupants. Whether you need a low-profile or traditional post & panel floor, a cable management or heating and air system, or any custom solution, Hebei Kehua Prevent Static Floor Making Co., Ltd. can provide a reliable and cost-effective solution that meets your requirements and expectations. Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.